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Deleting a project in the cloud

This article is about deleting a project that is in the cloud. Please click here if you are looking for information about moving your project from the cloud to your Mac.

To prevent accidental data loss, it is impossible to delete a project from the cloud. Instead, the project owner can choose to move the project from the cloud to their Mac's Trash. Once the project has been moved to the Trash on the owner's Mac, he/she can empty the trash if they wish.

Here's how to move your project to the trash:

  1. Open your project
  2. Choose File > Move To from the menu bar at the top of the screen (or click the popup menu in the window's titlebar)
  3. Select Trash
  4. Click Move

If the project you are moving to the trash has not been downloaded to your Mac before (or you have since since signed out), and if it is a large project, it may take some time to download the project to your Mac before it is moved to the Trash.

After you have removed your project from the cloud, it will automatically be removed from any devices or users that previously had access to it.

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