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Canceling delivery of your email campaign

If your campaign is waiting to send, scheduled to send later, or in the process of sending, it can be canceled. If it has already been sent or cancelled, then you cannot cancel it.

Canceling an email campaign sent via e3 Delivery Service

If you are using the Pay Per Email plan, any email credits used for the campaign will be refunded to your account once delivery is canceled. If you are using the Unlimited plan, recipients that are part of the canceled campaign will not be counted towards your monthly cap.

Here's how to cancel delivery of an email campaign:

  1. Switch to the Reports tab.
  2. Select your campaign from the list at the top of the window.
  3. Click the Summary section.
  4. Click the "Cancel Delivery" button.

Canceling a campaign sent via SMTP

During delivery of your campaign, a status bar is shown across the top of window for your project. Click the "Cancel" button located in the top-right section of the window to cancel delivery of your campaign. There is no way to manually "pause" the delivery of a campaign sent via SMTP, but if you disconnect from the Internet or put your Mac to sleep, Direct Mail will automatically suspend delivery of the campaign and prompt you to resume it once you have connectivity again.

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