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Migrating your Direct Mail data to a new computer

This help article only applies to users who have not moved their Direct Mail projects to the cloud. If your Direct Mail projects are stored in the cloud, all you need to do to access your data on a new computer is first download Direct Mail, then sign in to your Direct Mail account. That's it.

If your project is not saved in the Direct Mail cloud

If your Direct Mail projects are not stored in the cloud, this guide can help you transfer your data to your new Mac.

Since Direct Mail stores all of your data (messages, mailing lists, campaign reports, etc.) on your computer and not in the cloud, you'll need to manually copy your data to the new computer. If you are using backup software like Time Machine, then the task of copying your data to the new computer is done automatically for you when you instruct Time Machine to restore the backup to a new computer. If you are not using Time Backup to set up your new computer, then please follow the instructions below.

Installing the Direct Mail application

Install Direct Mail on your new computer. To do so, simply download the software from our site. If you downloaded Direct Mail via the Mac App Store, you can reinstall that way, too.

Migrating Direct Mail Project files

Most of your data is stored in Direct Mail Project files. These files are saved on your computer in the location of your choosing. If you can't remember where you stored your project files, then check the Documents folder, as that is the default location. If you can't find your Direct Mail Project file(s), click the Spotlight icon in the top-right corner of your screen and enter ".dmpr" (without the quotation marks). Spotlight will search for and display all the Direct Mail Project files on your hard drive.

Once you have located your Direct Mail Project file (or files), copy them to your new computer.

Migrating custom templates

If you installed custom templates in Direct Mail and have not already moved them to the cloud, you'll want to copy those to your new computer, too. Here's how:

  1. Open Direct Mail
  2. Click Choose Template to reveal the template chooser
  3. Look for a section of the template chooser titled "Saved on [name of your Mac]"
  4. If this section does not exist, you can skip the rest of this instructions
  5. For each template that you want to copy to your new Mac, hold down the control key on your keyboard and click on the template icon. Choose either "Move to Cloud" or "Save As…". If you move the template to the cloud, then it will automatically appear on your other Macs (if you've signed in to your Direct Mail account there). If you choose "Save As…", you'll need to manually copy the file to your new Mac and then double-click to install it in Direct Mail.

Direct Mail account settings do not need to be migrated

Your Direct Mail Account settings (including email address, password, billing plan, email credit balance, etc.) are stored securely on our servers and do not need to be copied from your old computer to new. You'll need to sign in to your Direct Mail Account on your new computer.

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