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About organizing mailing list contacts

You can keep one or more mailing lists in Direct Mail under the Addresses tab. In Direct Mail, mailing lists are called "groups". There are three different kind of groups:

  • Group: This is the default kind of address group. You can add your contacts to an address group.
  • Blacklist (or suppression list): Addresses you add to a blacklist will never receive email from you so long as they are blacklisted.
  • Smart Group: Just like a Smart Playlist in the Music app (or Smart Album in the Photos app), you can use a smart group to show you only the contacts that meet certain criteria.

If you want to segment your mailing list to target a subset of your contacts, here are two ways:

  • Smart Groups. Create a smart group and set the criteria you want to filter on.
  • Manually. Create a new group and manually add contacts to in. A contact can belong to more than one group. Just copy and paste, or hold down the Option/Alt key while dragging a contact from one group into another. Any changes you make to that contact (like editing the first or last name) will be reflected in all the groups it belongs to.

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