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Mailings-Listen verwalten

  1. Kann ich meine E-Mail-Liste in Direct Mail verwenden?Deutsch
  2. Why purchased lists are a bad idea
  3. Adding addresses to a group
  4. About importing addresses
  5. Import-ModiDeutsch
  6. Adding a company name to addresses
  7. Displaying additional information about each address
  8. Adding additional information (besides name and email) to addresses
  9. Viewing detailed open and click activity for each recipient or subscriber
  10. About organizing mailing list contacts
  11. Adding one address to multiple groups
  12. Moving addresses from one group into another
  13. Creating a new address group
  14. Creating a new smart group
  15. Creating a blacklist (suppression list)
  16. Editing multiple addresses at once
  17. Exporting addresses to a CSV file
  18. Finding addresses that match rules
  19. Finding and removing duplicate addresses
  20. Finding and removing invalid addresses
  21. Finding your most engaged subscribers
  22. How Direct Mail handles unsubscribes
  23. If you can't enter a subscribe or unsubscribe date
  24. Adressen aus einer CSV-Datei importierenDeutsch
  25. Importing addresses from Apple Mail
  26. Importing addresses from Daylite
  27. Importing addresses from Entourage
  28. Importing addresses from Excel
  29. Importing addresses from FileMaker Pro
  30. Importing addresses from Google Sheets
  31. Importing addresses from the Contacts app
  32. Importing addresses from MySQL
  33. Importing addresses from Numbers
  34. Importing addresses from files containing fields in a specific order
  35. Importing addresses from Outlook contacts
  36. Importing addresses from Outlook email
  37. Importing addresses from Thunderbird
  38. Importing addresses from unsupported file formats
  39. Importing addresses from vCards (.vcf files)
  40. Linking email campaigns to Daylite
  41. Processing bounce notices that are emailed to you
  42. Processing subscribe or unsubscribe requests that are emailed to you
  43. Removing or unsubscribing a list of email addresses
  44. Retiring inactive or unengaged subscribers
  45. Das WordPress Plugin verwendenDeutsch
  46. What to do after receiving a spam complaint
  47. Blacklisting an entire domain