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About rate limiting

If you are sending email via your own mail server (including Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) then you may be subject to rate limits or sending quotas. Rate limits and sending quotas are imposed by your mail server administrator. These limits are usually in place as an anti-spam measure, or because your mail server administrator does not want you using your account for sending email in bulk.

If you send your email campaigns using our e3 Delivery Service, you are not subject to any rate limits or quotas. In addition, you campaigns will send nearly instantaneously, instead of waiting for your mail server.

Provider-Specific Information

Rate limits come in a few different varieties. Some are time-based (i.e. 50 emails per hour), and some are connection based (i.e. no more than 50 emails per connection to the server). Check with your mail server administrator to find out what your limit is. Below please find the limits for some popular email services:


Direct Mail has built-in throttling features that help keep you under the limit set by your mail server administrator. How do I limit the amount of email sent through my mail server?

For faster, error-free delivery with no rate limits, try using our e3 Delivery Service.

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