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  1. Creating a new message
  2. About modern vs. legacy templates
  3. About Apple Mail stationery in macOS 10.14 “Mojave”
  4. Designing messages using the modern template editor
  5. Tips for faster message editing
  6. Organizing your messages into folders
  7. About email fonts
  8. About image and web hosting
  9. About image editing
  10. About reusing content from old emails
  11. About using CSS and JavaScript
  12. If your email looks strange in other email clients
  13. Adding "view in web browser" links to a message
  14. Einen Abmelden-Link hinzufügenDeutsch
  15. Adding an "update email address" link
  16. Adding and editing sections
  17. Adding buttons to a message
  18. Empfänger auf Cc und Bcc hinzufügenDeutsch
  19. Adding custom email headers
  20. Adding images to a message
  21. Adding links to a message
  22. Creating and linking to anchors
  23. Adding maps to a message
  24. Adding social media follow links to a message (e.g. link to Facebook Page, Twitter profile, your website, etc.)
  25. Adding social sharing links to a message (e.g. Forward to a Friend, Share on Facebook, etc.)
  26. Adding spacing or lines to a message
  27. Adding text blocks to a message
  28. Adjusting line spacing
  29. Adding video to a message
  30. Moving, copying, and duplicating sections and blocks
  31. Attaching a file to your message
  32. Attaching calendar events to your message
  33. Changing the default message font
  34. Changing the message color scheme
  35. Checking your message for broken links and other issues
  36. Choosing message text encodings
  37. Choosing or importing an email template
  38. Creating a custom plain-text alternative
  39. Creating email signatures
  40. Customizing email preview text (preheader)
  41. Customizing how your campaign is displayed in social media news feeds
  42. Disabling CSS inlining
  43. Editing the HTML source code of a message
  44. Importing message content from a web page
  45. Importing message content from HTML, Word, RTF, OpenOffice, or Plain Text documents
  46. Importing templates from Apple Mail
  47. Importing templates from Campaign Monitor
  48. Importing templates from Mail Designer
  49. Importing templates from MailChimp
  50. Exporting a message to PDF
  51. Personalizing messages with conditional sections
  52. Personalizing messages with if/else logic
  53. Nachrichten mit Mail-Merge-Tags personalisierenDeutsch
  54. Previewing your email before you send it
  55. Removing the Direct Mail logo from your email footer
  56. Saving a message as a template
  57. Sending plain-text messages
  58. Setting the default template for new messages
  59. Splitting sections
  60. About template widths
  61. Using regular expressions to search or filter addresses